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Healthcare & Pharma

The healthcare sector’s importance is steadily growing as a result of an ageing population and the rising demand for high-quality care.

The design used for hospitals and for rest homes and homes for the elderly must meet very stringent criteria in terms of both their planning and operating costs.

The biopharmaceutical sector and clean rooms set extremely stringent requirements in areas such as air quality management and climate control, where particularly specialised expertise is needed.


Jan Lecompte
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References Healthcare & Pharma

Immaculata rest home, Edegem

The project consists of a new building for the Immaculata rest and nursing home (89 beds) and a service centre in Edegem. Because demolition of part of the old building can...

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IGLO residential care centre, Antwerp

The project consists of a residential care centre comprising 120 residential units for elderly people with extensive care needs as well as four sheltered housing units. It is divided into...

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New administrative centre for the Sint-N…

The Gerda site is a unique location: a 3-ha undeveloped space barely 500 m from Sint-Niklaas's main square (Grote Markt). The site undoubtedly has some issues (uneven perimeters, prominent presence of...

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Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace in Mo…

Construction of a new 394-bed hospital for medical, surgical and obstetric services. These new beds will be added to the 44 beds of the psychiatric service in pavilion Louise II...

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"Clos sur la Fontaine" retirem…

Development of a retirement home/nursing home concept centred around the physical and mental well-being of elderly persons. The EVN (Excellentia Vita Nova) concept developed by the client includes a long-stay...

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Coopération Technique Belge framework co…

Framework agreement for the design and technical supervision of hospital building works in partner countries of the Coopération Belge. The countries primarily concerned in the first instance are Benin, Burundi...

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Clinical Immunology Laboratory GSK 174

New laboratories in Wavre, the centre for part of GSK's clinical trials activities. These activities include dispatch and logistics for clinical samples and testing for evaluating the efficacy of vaccines...

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Extensive renovation of buildings at Has…

During the renovation of three UHasselt buildings, Tractebel was responsible for studies into the stability, technical services and compliance with the energy performance decree.

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New general hospital for CHC in Liège

The Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC) has decided to build a brand-new hospital in Glain, near Liège. It is scheduled to open in 2017.

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Master plan for Jessa Hospital

The Jessa Hospital in Hasselt, Belgium, asked Tractebel to draw up a master plan for its buildings for the next 10 years. We were also tasked with providing the designs...

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Expansion of University Hospital Louvain

The Catholic University of Louvain has been commissioning Tractebel for more than 30 years with various studies and projects, including installations for air treatment, central heating, sanitation and fire protection...

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New care flats and day-care centre in Sc…

In 2006 Schoten Region, Belgium, awarded the Osar-Vanhout-Tractebel project group a care provision contract comprising 110 care flats, a day-care centre, a local services centre and a short-stay centre.

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